About the Artist

Charlie Garlette has been interested in sculpture and the arts since his adolescence. His work has been described as Neo-Dadaist, Diesel Punk and Sci-Fi Horrart. Having experimented in clay sculpture and wood fabrication through high school he continued his 3D curiosity post graduation during his years as an Assistant Pressman in a 60's modern print shop in downtown Newark NJ. Surrounded by old strewn bits of machines long since out of commission, Charlie spawned primitive industrial forms from the suction cups, rags and gears of yore. His art has since taken many forms, from mixed media sculptures of varying size and degree to collage, ceramic, and metalwork forms. "To use any and all materials, to rebirth recycled abandoned technology and wasted resources of our world to create something that speaks back to its owners". He doesn't care how you reuse it, just do.